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Research Request Policy

Adkins Arboretum is a 400-acre plant preserve within the 4,000 acres of Tuckahoe State Park. The Arboretum highlights the native flora and fauna of Maryland’s Coastal Plain and is home to a variety of habitats including a warm season grass meadow, successional meadow, young forest, mature forest, floodplain forest, and a braided constructed wetland.  

If you are interested in conducting research on our grounds, please contact Kathy Thornton at We ask that you provide us with a brief proposal that outlines who you are, what you hope to study, and a short work plan including information about any collections, environmental impacts, special requirements, and project duration. This proposal will be reviewed by Adkins Arboretum’s Science Advisory Committee. Please plan on submitting your research information at least 3 months prior to the proposed start of your work to allow us the proper permitting time.

If approved, you are required to follow the basic rules for visiting the Arboretum, and we expect that you keep us informed of your tasks on-site. At the end of your research, we would like a copy of your conclusions so that we can learn from your study and potentially share this information through our website, if appropriate.

Research at Adkins