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Volunteer Program

Docent Naturalist Training Program

Discover the rewards of volunteering! Become an Adkins Arboretum volunteer docent.

Arboretum docents have many stories to tell. They learn to weave scientific facts about native plants into stories about plant communities, relationships between plants and animals, and who was here on the land before there was an Arboretum.

Docents are knowledgeable about a core number of native plants that are representative of the Arboretum's habitats, meadows, shrub/tree thickets, bottomlands, uplands, young and mature forests, and wetlands. By being well versed in the founding and mission of the Arboretum, they serve as Arboretum ambassadors and interpretors of the Arboretum experience.

More information is available by contacting Ginna Tiernan at or 410-643-2847, ext. 270.