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Art Committee

Tara Gladden is a cultural producer, curator, interdisciplinary artist, and educator. She earned her Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance from Boston University, and her Master of Fine Arts in Performance and Interactive Media Arts from Brooklyn College. Gladden's most recent professional appointments include currently serving as Cultural Affairs and Engagement Specialist for Salisbury University, serving as Director and Curator for the Kohl Gallery at Washington College (2019-2023) and serving as Art Galleries Manager for Salisbury University (2014-2019). She has taught courses in art, music, and interdisciplinary studies in higher education since 2011. Her interdisciplinary art merges conceptual, multimedia, and performance strategies and explores topics that include human interaction with technology and the environment, womanhood, aging, and identity. She works both independently and in collaboration with others and has been programmed and exhibited regionally, nationally, and internationally in festivals, private and nonprofit galleries, established and DIY performance venues.