The Arboretum hosts an ongoing exhibition series of artwork on natural themes by regional artists, as well as an annual juried show held in February and March of each year and an outdoor sculpture show during the summer. 


Virtual Exhibits

Kit-Keung Kan, "White Water XCIV, 2016"

Kit-Keung Kan

A retired physicist, Kan has studied the traditional Chinese arts of calligraphy and painting from an early age. He continues to innovate in both fields. Falling water features prominently in this collection, primarily represented in stunning paintings of waterfalls and trees. The exhibit also showcases Kan's poems, written in Chinese calligraphy and translated by the artist.

View the exhibit here

John Moran, "Gone At Dusk"

John Moran

John Moran views painting as creating visual poetry. He chooses the objects in his paintings simply because they appeal to him. "An idea develops and starts to take on visual form, undergoing continuous change as my own thoughts change," he notes. "I paint and remove paint, and paint some more until the surface takes on a life of its own and the painting tells me what it wants. In my work, the best things are those that occur without planning, that just happen as a result of something not working, a mistake, a new thought...images that are suddenly caught without anticipation."

John grew up in Washington, DC, and earned a degree in political science from Wake Forest University. Primarily self-taught, he painted part-time during a 32-year career in government and transitioned to painting full-time upon retirement. He was accepted into a graduate painting program at Maryland Institute College of Arts at age 65 and earned an MFA in 2007. He currently resides on Kent Island.

Please enjoy this collection virtually; we plan to showcase more of John's work in person at a future date.

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Rob Brownlee-Tomasso, "Flicker (detail)"

Rob Brownlee-Tomasso

Taking inspiration from architecture, history, and nature, as well as depicting highly stylized conceptual characters, Rob Brownlee-Tomasso creates texture studies done in mixed media. Often on irregularly shaped canvases and sometimes as multiple canvas installations, the acrylic medium or gesso is applied with a mixture of sand, earth, or other materials to achieve a coarse surface. It is common for earth to be taken from a specific location that is the subject matter of that particular work.

The main goals of his artistic expression are to find creative and dramatic subject matter that can work in conjunction with textured surfaces, and to complete compositions that are enhanced by these textures. The subject matter is an interpretation of a specific concept or theme that is inspiration of the piece.

Rob has participated in group and solo exhibitions in Maryland, Virginia, and New Jersey, and his work resides in several private collections. Please enjoy this collection virtually; we plan to showcase more of Rob's work in 2021 at the Visitor's Center.

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Sheryl Southwick, “Osage Orange,” oil, 12" x 12"

Sheryl Southwick

Sheryl Southwick's joyful torn paper collages shimmer with light and color. This show, titled Local Color Reimagined, offers a fascinating look into her artistic process. Southwick has chosen to present her collages along with the landscape paintings that inspired them. In these loosely brushed paintings, she captures the trees and water, farm fields, and sunrises that formed the basis for the collages. Although the paintings brim with color and energy, her collages are even more vibrant. Made from tiny strips of colored paper whose torn edges suggest glints of light, the collages dance with surprising textures and hues. Please enjoy this collection virtually; we plan to showcase more of Sheryl's work in 2021 at the Visitor's Center.

View the exhibit here

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Julia Sutliff, “Hillside Carnival,” oil, 14" x 16"

Julia Sutliff

With Julia Sutliff’s small oil paintings, it’s as if you’re right there in the landscape. In this collection, titled Swimming in Eden, Sutliff presents plein air paintings so fresh and impressionistic that you can almost feel the spring breeze and sunlight or the autumn chill and dampness on your skin. Throughout the seasons, she searches out pockets of nature near her home in the sprawling suburbs north of Baltimore where she can immerse herself in the experience of being in nature. Painting with swift, playful strokes, she captures its colors, lighting, mood and movement. Please enjoy this collection virtually; we plan to showcase more of Julia's paintings at the Visitor's Center in 2021.

View the paintings here.

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If you are an artist interested in exhibiting at Adkins Arboretum, please email 6–12 digital images of your work and a resume or letter of introduction to the attention of the Art Committee at, or mail this information to Adkins Arboretum, 12610 Eveland Road, Ridgely, MD 21660.

Header image: "White Water XC, 2015" by Kit-Keung Kan (detail)