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John Moran

John Moran views painting as creating visual poetry. He chooses the objects in his paintings simply because they appeal to him. "An idea develops and starts to take on visual form, undergoing continuous change as my own thoughts change," he notes. "I paint and remove paint, and paint some more until the surface takes on a life of its own and the painting tells me what it wants. In my work, the best things are those that occur without planning, that just happen as a result of something not working, a mistake, a new thought...images that are suddenly caught without anticipation."

John grew up in Washington, DC, and earned a degree in political science from Wake Forest University. Primarily self-taught, he painted part-time during a 32-year career in government and transitioned to painting full-time upon retirement. He was accepted into a graduate painting program at Maryland Institute College of Arts and earned an MFA in 2007. He currently resides on Kent Island.

View the exhibit here.