Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay Program, BayScapes

Bayscapes Program of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Extensive information on conservation landscaping techniques and plants to use.

Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council
Dedicated to researching, promoting, and educating the public about conservation-based landscaping practices to benefit the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

The Encyclopedia of Grasses for Livable Landscapes by Rick Darke
Innovative design reference that sets a standard for inspired, sustainable use of grasses. Contains photos taken in national parks, private gardens, garden centers, nurseries, and botanical gardens, including Adkins Arboretum.

Environmental Protection Agency's Green Landscaping with Native Plants
Brochures, fact sheets, links, lots of information on conservation landscaping.

Global Restoration Network
A project of the Society for Ecological Restoration, this Web site includes information on restoration projects around the world, current news, and links to funding sources and articles on ecological restoration.

Maryland Home and Garden Information Center (MD Cooperative Extension).
Great resource for learning how to grow plants, diagnosing plant diseases.

Maryland Seeding Association
John Krouse has included a terrific set of planting guidelines (online) and appropriate species for dry and wet meadows in the MSA Guideline Specifications for 1999 & 2000. Mike O'Hare 410-320-4126.

Missouri Botanic Gardens Plantfinder
Information on plants used in horticulture.

Native Grass Manuals
Ducks Unlimited manuals: Vegetating with Native Grasses in Northeastern North America (best for the mid-Atlantic), Native Grass Seed Production Manual, Rebuilding Your Land with Native Grasses, and Revegetating with Native Grasses.

Native Plants for Conservation, Restoration & Landscaping (including grassland plants)
Virginia's Dept. of Natural Resources has put together terrific pocket guides of common plants readily available from nurseries, with information on appropriate uses, light and moisture requirements, regional habitat (mountain, piedmont and coastal plain) or ecotype, including grasslands! You can use the web tables or get free copies by mail.

Native Plant Network
Shares propagation information on native plants.

Natural Resource Sciences Dept. and Paint Branch Turf Research Facility, University of Maryland
Dr. Thomas Turner, Dr. Harry Swartz, John Krouse and David Funk can provide technical support regarding planting strategies, cultivars, and seed mixes. Samples of many species are growing for public display on campus and/or at the Turf facility. 301-405-4356 or 301-403-4234.

NWF's Backyard Habitats Program
Find out how to get your yard certified as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat.

Plant Materials Center, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
Provides technical assistance regarding seed availability and establishment strategies for native grasses, as well as harvesting and seed cleaning procedures. NRCS is currently selecting native grass seeds for distribution to regional growers. Plant data sheets are available for several of the most common species, particularly those promoted for conservation plantings. 301/504-8175.

Wild Ones
An organization of natural landscapers.