Invasive Plants Information

Delaware Invasive Plants list

Federal Government
Federal efforts related to invasive species, National Invasive Species Council, legislation links.

Invasive Plant Guide
Information about invasive species issues and the field guide Invasive Plants by Sylvan Kaufman and Wallace Kaufman and updates on new invasive plant findings in North America.

Maryland Invasive Species Council (MISC)
Lists invasive plants, animals, insects and diseases for Maryland. Fact sheets, links to resources.

Mid-Atlantic Exotic Pest Plant Council
Regional information and links to other EPPCs.

Native Alternatives, Northeast
A list of native alternatives to invasive plants.

St. Louis Codes of Conduct
Voluntary codes of conduct related to invasive plants.

The Nature Conservancy's Invasive Species Initiative
Summaries of many invasive species with control information and photos.

Virginia Invasive Plants list

Weeds Gone Wild (National Park Service, Plant Conservation Alliance)
International lists of invasive plants, fact sheets.